I'm excited to be a part of Corinne Michaels Salvation Society. Coming soon is a BRAND NEW story suitated in the Salvation world where you will meet some of Corinne favourites along the way.

What to expect in their story: 

  • Age Gap Romance
  • Emotional Angst
  • Brother's best friend
  • Slow burn
  • Hot bartender 



Nora Nelson invades my thoughts so strongly I find it hard to breathe.
However, she is my best friend’s kid sister, and that alone makes her forbidden.
When she leaves for college, it should be the diversion I need, except, I find myself craving her all the more.
In a world so frayed, she is the one thing that brings me hope—the guidance I never realized I needed—and when tragedy strikes, I vow to protect her with everything I have.
There is just one problem: her brother.
Torn between loyalty and love, I’m ready to fight the battle I know is coming.
Even if it has the potential to ruin everything.
Even if it means losing everything.
Even if it means losing her.

                                                                           COMING SOON...

Book Two in the Lost and Found Series. Coming soon...

What to expect...

  • Raw
  • Angst
  • Gripping
  • Emotional 
  • All. The. Feels

Book Two in the series continues with Tessa's Story!!

Goodreads link coming soon.