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The Promise of December 
Copyright 2016 K.L.Jessop All rights reserved.




I just get out from having a long soak in the bath when I hear a confident knock on my front door. Knowing it isn’t Evie, as she’s out with friends, one can only assume it’s the local group from the community hall doing their yearly Carol singing to raise money for the Hall roof that seems to have the same leak it did five years ago. Sighing in frustration, I wrap my short silky robe tighter around my waist and stroll to the door. My hair freshly washed, face makeup free and toes all snug and warm in my long winter socks that's pulled up to the knee. Once I open the door, I want to die with embarrassment.

“Noel… You’re back?” He holds up the item in his hand. “With wine.”

“I thought after leaving you a little fragile this morning, I’d come and spend the evening with you?” He smiles. Oh god, that smile.


“Because you’re probably not doing anything other than sitting on your own and cursing Christmas.”

He was absolutely right but I frown anyway. “I don’t hate Christmas.”

“And you’re also a rubbish liar.” His eyes fall over my body and I feel them everywhere. Tingles run down my spine but I put this down to the cold that’s currently sweeping its way up under my robe. But even that doesn’t cool the hotness I feel for him between my thighs. There is something about this man that makes my body react even when I fight it not to.

His grin widens as he focuses on my legs. “Excellent choice of socks, Miss King.”

I look down at the long red and grey patterned wool and wiggle my toes. “Thank you. I like my legs to be warm.” His brown eyes are looking right at me once I bring my head back up. He’s delicious. The smell of his citrus fragrance hits my senses as he leans in close, resting a shoulder on the door frame, still wearing that smile.

“It’s a little cold out here, Tamzin.” His voice is low and dreamy. “This is where you invite me in so we can share a drink and get to know each other better.”

My heart instantly speeds up. “And why would I want to do that?” I murmur.

“Because you can’t seem to keep your eyes off me.” Jesus, he’s full of himself. I roll my eyes and open the door a little wider for him to enter but not far enough that he can pass with ease. He brushes against me, never taking his eyes off mine. My breath catches when his hand placed the bareness of my thigh as he whispers. “Thank you, Tami.”

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