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Found By You
Copyright 2016 K.L.Jessop All rights reserved.

The sun was downing to set and the sky becomes illuminated in vibrant oranges and reds as we sit against the dunes drinking wine and talking about our childhood memories. Even though there’s still an air of hesitation, Amelia’s more relaxed too when I first picked her up earlier and moulds perfectly beside me.
“Tell me something true,” she murmurs, twirling the stem of the glass between her fingers.
“It’s a game me and mum played when I was a kid. It can be anything. Big, small or completely ridiculous as long as it's true.”
I take a sip of my wine and try to think of what truth I could possibly say, there were so many things that ran through my head when it came to this woman. “You’re beautiful.”
“Ugh, I’m serious.”
“As am I. Your turn.”
She thinks for a little before a cheeky grin forms her face. “I had a slight crush on Andrew when I first moved here. Everyone think he’s an ass but he’s just a pussycat behind a mysterious mask.”
“My favourite colour is blue.”
“I hate my laugh, it sounds weird.”
“It’s sexy,” I replied, finishing my drink. “When was the last time you slept with a guy?” What the fuck did I say that for?
Her head snaps up to look at me, a flicker of anger and pain in her eyes. “There aren’t questions in this game, Marcus, just truth.”
“Exactly. So tell me.” I request softly, unsure if this was right of me to even ask. She’s already closed off; the last thing I want her to do is freak out and run, yet as she searches my face I see her anger subside. Exhaling an unsteady breath and closing her eyes for a moment before her line of sight is fixed solely on the ocean.
“I don’t know,” she murmurs. “The last time I recall being with a man and feeling anything was around seven years ago. The last time I had sex with him was a little over five, and by then all feelings had died.”
“You stopped loving him?” The silence was icy as her eyes glassed with unwanted memories and sorrow.
“I stopped loving him long before that. By then I’d stopped living.”
Lifting her chin, I cup her cheek, smoothing my thumb over her soft skin. How can anyone as beautiful as her feel so low they needed to stop being who they were. More to the point how can anyone make her feel that way, to begin with.
“Then we need to make you feel alive again.” I could tell by the pleading look in her eyes she didn’t want this conversation to continue, so I diverted back to the original topic and went for the something ridiculous.
“Seagulls scare me shitless.”
Her laughter was like music to my ears, making me join her with my preposterous but true confession. “You’re so weird.”
“Am not. Have you seen their eyes?”
“It’s just a bird,” she says through the breaks of her giggles. Clearly finding my phobia amusing I jab her in the waist to stop the teasing, making her jump with a squeal.
“Oh, I’ve found a ticklish spot it seems.” My grin was a mile wide as I raise my brows in devilment.
Her eyes widen as she chokes out her words. “Don’t even think about it.” She retreats and was up on her feet in a flash, backing down towards the beach as the grin still plastered my face. “Marcus… you wouldn’t dare!”
“Oh, I totally would.” 
I’m up and charging towards her as she sprints the sand in high pitched squeals and laughter. Turning her head to catch my approach as her red hair flies high in the wind as she heads across the beach. “You can’t run from me that easily.” I’m behind her in seconds, grabbing her hips and pulling her to the sand as she shrieks. Straddling her she twists her body begging me to stop with uncontrolled breathing and laughter as I tickle her ribs.
“Stop! Marcus... I can’t breathe!” she pants as the air leaves her lungs.
“You want me to stop? But you love it.” I chuckle.
“Stop... Please!”
Taking her hands in mine I pin them above her head, both breathing heavy from our hysteria, our eyes hold each other’s heated gaze yet hers show a trace of apprehension. She’s so fucking sexy. “I have a powerful urge to kiss you right now, Miss Weston.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” she exhales.
“Why not? You might enjoy it.”
“That’s exactly why it’s not a good idea.”

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