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Found By You
Copyright 2016 K.L.Jessop All rights reserved.

“I still can’t believe you won,” I smile as we enter our hotel room, placing my corsage on the table. The magical events of the evening were finished and the Summer Ball was over for another year with Directors and Business Partners ecstatic with their prizes.
“We won baby, you worked hard for this too,” Marcus replies taking off his jacket and bow tie followed by his shoes before heading to the mini bar. This was true, I do work my ass off at that place and more often than not take on things that aren’t even in my job description, but I do it as it keeps me focused.
“It seems as though I’ve hardly work at all these last couple of months. Not since I was swept off my feet by some guy that drives me crazy.” Shit, my champagne slip of the tongue was not what I should have said and not what he needed to hear. I escape his watchful eye to take off my heels and jewellery, trying to ignore the feeling that’s burning a cavity inside me.
I turn when I still felt his smouldering gaze, enjoying the fact his stare was full of yearning and nothing unpredictable. “What are you looking at?” I murmur.
“You.” His voice lustful and raspy. “Does it make you uncomfortable?”
“Only in the best way.” I focus on his panty-melting stare that’s sending my body spiralling. Even in the dim-lit room, I saw his eyes darken as they run full length of my body. The butterflies took flight in my belly with the way he was making me feel, the ache between my legs escalated and my heart was falling heavier for him. “Is this the part where we rip each other’s clothes off and you fuck me hard?” I say, biting my lip with anticipation. He didn’t answer at first, just focused on me with his inevitable gaze.
“No,” he murmured, placing his glass down and slowly moving towards me. My breathing shallowed. Heart thumping harder in my chest with his proximity as he whispered a breath apart from my lips. “This is the part where I take off your dress very, very slow and make love to you.”
My breath caught. He can’t use that word, this is not what this is between us, yet I couldn’t stop the whimper that left my lips when his angel whispered kiss touched the side of my mouth. Closing my eyes as once again the powers of this man have engulfed my body, paralysing me in a mind-blowing way to only his touch.
“Will you let me, Amelia?” he whispered. “Will you let me make love to you?” 
The thoughts in my head and my feelings I have for him were fighting a losing battle. The need to have him now was far greater at this moment than it had ever been in all the times we’d shared together, and I knew that whatever happens between us he would break me one way or another and my heart would yet again face its wreckage.
“Yes,” I breathed.

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