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Copyright 2016 K.L.Jessop

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Chapter One




For the love of god, someone get me a Tequila! This woman gets more intense each day. Commanding at me down the phone as I wait for the next instalment of planning her wedding, when I’m not even a fucking wedding planner. Last time I checked I was a semi-reclusive red-head that lost her way in life. Now suddenly I’m taking orders I don’t need from a celebrity rich bitch I’m yet to even meet.

As soon as I pushed the speakerphone button my body shuddered with the unpleasantness of her high pitched Botox trapped voice, throwing demands at me down the phone like she was the queen of Hollywood. She’s nothing more than a bratty little rich girl on the cover of magazines because daddy has a healthy bank account. She wouldn’t know a day’s work if it slapped her across the face.

“Are you aware of the wine glass fountains I want? My crew will bring them over for preparation the day before, I do not want anyone to enter the function room during the time they’re there and after. Is that clear, Miss Weston?”

I rolled my eyes at Andrew who’s sat across from me looking ridiculously handsome in his grey suit as he listens to our call. “I completely understand, Nadia. Although my crew needs access to the function room at all times. The room cannot be prepared to the high standards you’re asking if you refuse them access. And as part of Management, I can’t stand by knowing they’re not doing the job in hand, regardless if it’s to your needs.”

I brace myself for another Bridezilla moment, this woman doesn’t do understanding or compromise, everything is about money and status and if nothing goes her way everyone knows. Nadia Lenton is the daughter of one of the country’s high-flying business pricks that thinks by clicking fingers everything and everyone within touching distance will stop and bow down to their needs. Not so long ago herself and Andrew had a full blown argument because she wanted the entire hotel on shutdown and only accessible to her wedding guests.

The Grand Hotel is a high class seven-star affair located along the west coast, being a tourist attraction is one of our main forms of earnings as well as business associates who use our building for conferences, closing it off to her people would lose us a great deal of income and popularity.

“Fine! But make sure you only have the same team at all times. This is no ordinary wedding, Miss Weston, this is ourwedding. James and I have people to impress in high places!”

“Stuck up bitch,” I hiss ending the call.

“The only reason I’m gritting my teeth and letting that dragon use and abuse us-or you-is because of the hefty payment we are going to receive once done. That’s all that matters.”

“Even if she has me in therapy in the meantime?” I sigh, resting my head in my hands. Andrew is aware of my stress and anxiety levels. Just after I started working here he had to come to my aid after having an argument with a very angry guest. That was the day we had our break though and talked for hours about how shitty life can get. Not many people take to Andrew, his dark mysterious attitude can leave people hanging with unanswered questions as they try to work him out. He is a great guy but I swear he’s often more hormonal than I am at times.

“You’re already in therapy, Amelia,” he grins, standing. “Besides Matthews can sort her out when he arrives, he’ll love that.”

Mr Matthews is the Managing Director of The Grand that Andrew and I run, he comes to spend his summers here at Spring Rose but had to cancel his visit last year. “When is he arriving?” I ask, shutting down my computer.

“When he decides to let me know. The little prick just turns up when he wants.”

Grabbing my bag, I head out with him knowing that even though our work day has finished, Andrew will still be here for hours yet. He lived and breathed this building.

“So what are your plans for the evening?” he questions, taking the keys to lock my office door before handing them back.

“A secret love affair with a small blonde,” I smiled.

“Ah yeah, the Reception girl?”

“Her name is Megan, Andrew. You know I think you should get to know your staff a little more or at the very least learn their names.”

“And why would I want to do that, when I have you to tell me who they are?”

“Because it’s polite. Besides you might find enjoyment out of the office. Fifteen hour days and no play time aren’t healthy for a grown man.” I teased.

His deep chuckle radiates through the corridor as we walk towards his office. “Christ, what are you, my mother?”

“Hell, no. That would be some challenge. See you tomorrow, Mr Mysterious.”

I leave him chuckling as I head down the hall, the need for an over-calculated glass of wine and a cool shower was calling. This is only my second summer in Spring Rose Bay and this year’s humidity and sweat is greater than the last. I loved it here. It instantly felt like home when my feet touched the sand and cool water of the ocean. But it was my job that kept me going. As Assistant Manager I have the daily duties of organising and directing all hotel services, as well as working alongside Andrew who has overall say in Management. The wide six-story building is exquisite. Grand staircases, glass chandeliers and marble floors provide it with elegance and beauty and oozed expense. It's three hundred guest rooms provided the luxurious comfort while the very top floor was primarily for the staff, providing offices and accommodation for workers over for the season.

Rounding the corner into reception I’m greeted by a wide smile belonging to a pure blonde in the form of my best friend Megan. “Please tell me tonight’s plans are purely alcohol based and swooning over hot guys on the internet,” she asks as I hang up my keys.

“Sounds like heaven.”

“You look stressed everything alright?”


“Ah, that explains the face. You heading off now?”

“Yes, I need a run, loosen this frustration.”

She gets up to file some papers, looking gorgeous as ever in her black pencil dress. “You know there’s better ways to relieve frustration than running babe,” she replies with a wink.

I rolled my eyes and turn on my heels. “Goodbye, Megan.”

“You know I’m right, though!” she shouts, making me chuckle as I head out the building. I’ve known Megan for seven years, we met working in a Hotel in London and from the moment I met her I knew I needed her in my life, she transferred down here a little while before I did and eventually help secure the job I have now. She’s forever trying to hook me up with any hot guy that walks through the hotel doors, desperate to get me back into the world of sexy times and playful fun. As far as I’m concerned men are purebred assholes that think only of themselves, I don’t want a man in my life and I certainly don’t need one.




My feet pound the dust track as I run the coastline. I was always drawn to the coast; it brought fond memories of holidays as a kid. If the sun was out you wore the swimsuit, if it rained you had it on under dad’s oversize jumper. It’s a place of freedom, washes through my veins taking stress and unwanted emotions with each wave that ebbs out.

Growing up in the London lifestyle was a different world to the one I live in now. Mirrored buildings stood amongst the streets of endless traffic while suited men delivered another account of high speed living to their day. Then before you know it everything changes. Life has a way of fucking you over when you least expect it. I had great experience, fought each day to stop myself from going under but ended where I couldn't fight anymore.

As I reach my porch my phone vibrates against my ass that’s zipped in my back pocket.


Megan: If you’re still trying to run off the fact you have a bad case of sexual frustration, you’ve left it too late. I’m heading to yours and ready to get intoxicated. Xx


Me: Just got back and need a shower, smell like a wet cat. Xx


Megan: I hope that’s your way of referring to just been given a ‘wet pussy’ Ha!


Me: Dirty minx.


Megan’s sat on the kitchen counter swinging her legs when I enter the room. Her eyes going wide at her phone. “Check out this bad boy,” the screen is bursting in muscles and curves of a half-naked guy I don’t recognise.

“Do you know him?” I question, pouring us both some wine.

“I’d like to know him.”

“You want to know every man with abs and muscle,” I chuckle. We head out to the patio to sit under the evening sun. “So are we going to Felicity’s party on Saturday?”

Her eyes shoot up from her phone. “You want to go?”

There was a time when going out never interested me. But since moving here with Megan I’m starting to take back control of my life again. “Yes. Although I do need a new dress.”

“And shoes. I need new shoes,” she grins.

“Why? You’ll only end up taking them off, why buy more when you hardly wear the ones you own?” The first time I met Megan was at a party, a table was in the corner of the ballroom and up on top bare foot and a short black dress was Megan dancing to her audience.

“I’ve told you, a new pair of heels makes the walk of shame seem better.”

I shake my head grinning at her. “Will you ever learn, Miss Simmons?”

“Not when Tequila and tables are involved. It’s an easy pass to hard muscle and the ride of your life. You should try it; give your vibrator a break.”

“I have. It broke weeks ago.”

Her mouth falls open as her eyes spring wide. In a flash, her phone is out searching web pages for sex toys, alarmed with the fact that not only is it broken, I’ve not had an orgasm in over a month. “Fuck, no wonder you run,” she giggles.

God, I love this girl.




“Is it on yet?” Megan shouts from the other side of the cubical. I take the purple dress from the hanger and slide it over my body. It did nothing for me, I looked ridiculous. “Oh, now that is so you,” she says sarcastically, sticking her head in through the curtain.

“I look like a twelve-year-old in a prom dress. Plus, the back is too low.” I turn my body to view my behind in the mirror, revealing the low cut dress that opens down to my lower back.

“Hmm true, try the next one.” She disappears and starts a running commentary of what she’s trying on whilst muttering to herself. Without looking, I know she’s probably stood with one hand on her hip and a forefinger to her mouth as she looks at what to try first.

“I don’t know which to try first.” See what I mean? It’s uncanny how we know each other so well.

“The green one,” I suggest, trying to fight my way out the dress but failing. “Ugh shit, can you help me with this stupid zip please?” I huff.

She flings the curtain back and spins me around tugging at the zip just above my butt to unfasten it.

“What do you think about this?” The pastel green dress hugs her body perfectly, sitting just below her ass and showing off her tanned legs and a chocolate coloured birthmark on her right knee.

“Little short isn’t it?” I’m moved aside so she can admire herself in the mirror.

“Not short enough if you ask me,” wiggling her brows and handing me my next dress. “Try this one.”

I slip into the black lace tight-fitting dress with a sweetheart bust and cupped shoulder straps.

“Now that has sexy written all over it,” Megan says as I twist to check the back.

I always think people talk shit when they make comment about what I wear or how I look, purely because I don’t see what they say they’re seeing.

“You don’t think it’s too much?”

She rolls her eyes. “Uh uh, if I saw you out wearing that, I’d defiantly fuck you.”

There were only ever five people in my life that I loved, trusted and worshipped the ground they walked on. I put my heart and soul into those five, stood by them when they needed it, helped out when I could and thought nothing of taking on their problems because in return I’d have that love and support back. I was wrong.

Out of those five, one left me for a place in the stars and the other two betrayed me in the worst possible way. My mother died when I was eighteen and everything changed. Wrapped up in his own grief my father become a part of the betrayal when he decided to take sides with the enemy-my second betrayal, which just so happened to be my first love. Hurt and fear is all I know. What only makes it easier to bare is the beauty that’s hugging the shit out of me right now. Megan and her brother Lucas are my everything and I love them unconditionally. There are no words big enough in which to thank them for their forever love and support. However, I may be able to plaster on a smile and laugh with others but in reality, I’m still suffocating.


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